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Welcome to


(Church of England)

St Michael's Green, Warwick Road, Beaconsfield, Bucks HP9 2BN

Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of Beaconsfield ĖCharity Number: 1132259


OUTSIDE GIVING through the Beaconsfield Church of England Team

(St Maryís, St Michaelís and St Thomasí) and directly from St Michaelís.


St Michaelís gives a proportion of its overall incomedirectly to three charities, and also

to the combined Outside Giving from the Team Ministry in Beaconsfield which includes

St Michael & All Angels, St Mary & All Saints and St Thomas.

Please scroll down to see which charities receive donations.


2014 - 2015A letter from Revd Dr Jeremy Brooks, Rector of Beaconsfield

Church of England churches

ďOne of the marks of living the Christian life is that we live lives of generosity and grace.This is as true for us as an organisation as it is for us as individual Christians.That is why it is so vital that we as a team continue to give generously to organisations beyond our borders Ė to support the mission of God in this country and across the world.


However, we should also know where our money is going.The distribution of financial support through the Outside Giving Committee is an important way of living that generous life.


In choosing the organisations to support we have in 2014 deliberately restricted ourselves to four main choices as a team.This is so that our support can be meaningful Ė both in terms of the amounts that we can give to each organisation, but also to enable relationships to be built with those charities.Each organisation supported has an avowed Christian ethos and I hope we will be able to encourage speakers to visit and take part in our main Church services.


In giving to others, we show in a small way the generosity and grace that is at the heart of God. ď


St Michaelís gives 12.5% of the congregationís donations each year to Outside Giving, in line with the Beaconsfield Team policy.4.5% goes to St Michaelís Church direct Outside Giving.†† 8% goes towards the four charities supported by the Outside Giving of the Beaconsfield Team of St Maryís, St Michaelís and St Thomasí.

These charities may change in the second half of 2015


Below are the three charities supported by St Michaelís Church direct Outside Giving.

Click on each charity to see their website

Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust (HART)


'Food for the Hungryí project Maternal Health in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Lighthouse Beaconsfield

The Beaconsfield Churches Holiday Club in July each year for

4-11 year old children


St Michael & All Angels Church also gives a donation each year to the Outside Giving of the Beaconsfield Team of St Maryís, St Michaelís and St Thomasí.In 2014-15 the Team gave donations to four charities as below. Sharon International Ministries was recommended by St Michaelís and is especially supported by the St Michael's Church community.

Click on each charity to see their website.

School in India

Sharon International Ministeries


The Church Mission Society


Mission Aviation Fellowship


Newham Renewal Programme



Gift Aid Declaration and Regular Giving Notification Form


Bankers Order for Regular Giving Form


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