St Michael & All Angels Church is delighted to welcome everyone. Our mission is to encounter and develop a loving relationship with God, and to take the gospel out into the community in love and service while providing a supportive Christian fellowship.  We are a friendly, welcoming church. We wish to continue and develop our work with families with less formal worship, while continuing our services focussed on sacramental spirituality and prayer following the liturgical year.  We believe in living our faith through care for others in the local and wider community as well as within the church membership. We desire to share our belief that Jesus loves us whatever our race, gender etc and in his summary of the commandments to love God and our neighbours as ourselves.

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A message which Sharon Roberts, our new Team Vicar, gave at services on her first Sunday at St Michael’s on 28th July:
A huge thank you for the warmest of welcomes I received at my Licensing on just about the warmest of days on Thursday 25th July!  There was a tremendous gathering of people from across the three Beaconsfield Team churches, the wider community and my own family and friends, as well as folk from St Michael’s Amersham, where I ministered before my transfer to Beaconsfield two years ago.  If you couldn’t be with us then I do encourage you to pop into St Michael’s and pick up a copy of the service sheet, left near the door.  You will find, I think, that it just about tells us all we need to know about what it is to be the people of God and most of all it tells me of the service I have now undertaken to give to you and to God, which I do with deep gratitude and humility.

I am, though, going to allow myself a bit of time and space to pack up my house in Amersham and make the move to the Parsonage – which will be on the 6th August – and after that to settle in there.  So I will be at St Michael’s to take services on Sundays and some Wednesday Holy Communions during August but I will delay starting to meet you properly and to fully understand the life of St Michael’s until rather later in the summer, when it will have my full attention!

If appreciation for the warm welcome I received was my first thanks, it isn’t my most important one.  That priority belongs to thanking you, the people of St Michael’s, for all your extraordinary hard work during this vacancy and, I know, going back beyond that.  That you have maintained the same pattern of Sunday services, weekday activities and especially major events like the Spring Fair, despite not having a vicar to help shoulder the load, shows the most faithful and loving service to God and to this community.  Thank you so much for your energy and your tremendous commitment.  I won’t try and name you but you know who you are, and you are a tremendous blessing to this church, to one another, and now to me.  Our aim – every church’s aim – is to find ways to spread that load, for as the saying goes “many hands make light work”.    That aim is something to have always before us but for today we simply say thank you to God for what has been – for the people who have shaped the life of this church and made it what it is – and we say thank you to God for taking us on new journeys from today, trusting in his goodness and his love.  

All blessings,

Sharon (01494 681766)

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Fundraising for St Michael and All Angels Church. Our Projects so far. We are continuously improving St Michael and All Angels Church. Recently we resurfaced the Church Path & Church Car Park used by many church goers, hall and meeting room users. If you would like to contribute financially towards our projects, you can do this through Golden Giving.

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