Weekly Sheets

Weekly Sheet 28th January

Weekly Sheet 28th January

Xandie’s Shout Out

Dear All

This Sunday is Super Sunday at 10:00am to celebrate Candlemas, when Jesus, 40 days old,  was presented in the Temple in Jerusalem.

Simeon a very old man, who had been promised by God, that he would not die till he had seen the Messiah, had his Epiphany moment when he saw baby Jesus. He knew He was God. He then said that most beautiful of prayers – Lord, now let your servant depart in peace, I have seen the Light of the World.

Come and join us and hear the full prayer, The Nunc Dimitis, as we bless all the candles we will use at church throughout the year.

Many of you have asked when and who is now in the office.
Monday and Tuesday mornings, Gemma is there, who manages the Hall.
Wednesday and Thursday mornings, Kristel is there, who does church work (and so much more!)

The subject for Messy Church, 11th February is Daniel in the lions’ den. If you would like to help, please let Margaret or Tracy know.

God bless