Weekly Sheets

Weekly Sheet 4th February

Weekly Sheet 4th February 2018

Xandie’s Shout Out

This Sunday we have our Early Birds Service at 9:15am in the Hall.
Gill is doing the story –  “suffer little children to come unto Me” (Suffer is an old fashioned word for “allow”)

Please do come and support her.

Next week, Sunday 11th February, there is no 9:15am service as it is Messy Church at 4pm in the Hall.
Tuesday 13th is Shrove Tuesday and our Pancake Party at 4:00pm, please let me know if you can make/bring pancakes – it is amazing how many pancakes children can manage!

And a gentle plea – can you please fill in my Master Rota?
If everybody does 1 sidesman and 1 coffee slot the whole year is covered.
It is not an onerous task – your children will enjoy welcoming people and handing out service sheets and taking the collection.
We are also looking for a Volunteer Treasurer and Volunteer Assistant Treasurer. More details. Job Description – Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer.
Make time in our busy lives to share our talents for God.

Thank you and God bless