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Weekly Sheet 25th February

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Xandie’s Shout Out

Dear All

Hopefully all the children are safely back at school and you had wonderful half term!
This Sunday is our Praise Service at 9:15am, do come along we love to see you.
Our next film evening is 5th March, when we are showing The Shack at 7pm. This is a story about one man’s encounter with God and forgiveness. I highly recommend it, we watched it at Kerry’s Bible group and used a lot of tissues! (insert from Camilla. If you haven’t read the book you should know that the original story line is very sad about the loss of a daughter. I have not seen the film but the start is hard hitting. However the way it goes on to deal with the idea of forgiveness, a suggestion of the nature and love of God. Plus it looks at redemption and our personal journey within that is utterly amazing in skill and tenderness. It is worth watching at this time of Lent when we are thinking about Jesus being willing to give his life for us and to give the promise of eternal life and love. ) 
We have 2 big plea’s for help.
We have our Lent Lunch in the hall  next Wed 28th February 12-2.30pm, and we are 2 short to help with serving. If anyone can spare a couple of hours, we would be really grateful. Please let the office know.
The 2nd plea is bigger! Our lovely Rosna, who has been running our preschool Bulrushes group, has returned to her career as a pharmacist- congratulations Rosna, so we badly need help on a Friday morning asap. If you know anyone who could help us, please, please let the office know. It entails setting up, guiding the mums to help clear away, and being friendly welcoming faces to users of the preschool group Perhaps 2 people could share the running? perhaps you know someone? Please pray hard about this. you could offer part time to get though this term or start after Easter if that suits better. 
Thank you and God bless.