Weekly Sheets

Weekly Sheet 4th March

Xandie’s Shout Out


Dear All

Hope you are coping with the Siberian weather!

This Sunday we have Early Birds in the hall and Katie is doing the story, so do come and support her if we are not all snowed in. Likewise the Snowdrop Walk in the afternoon – looks like they may be invisible under several inches of snow, but if you can get here, you are VERY welcome to walk round my snowy garden and woods – the children will love it!
On Monday at 7pm we have film night, showing The Shack at the St Michael’s Conference Rooms.
And the following Sunday is Mothering Sunday at 10:00am with posies, we do hope you can join us and do bring your mums and mums-in-law to share in this celebration of love of mothers and our mother church.
Thanks to support from our young mums, Bulrushes will remain open this term, to give us time to think how we can go forward in the future. Do please think if you, or someone you know, or a team of you could help with this.

Please pray about this and the vacancies we have for treasurers and churchwardens.

God bless


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