Weekly Sheets

Weekly Sheet 1st April

Xandie’s Shout Out

Dear All

What a wonderful service for Palm Sunday! Now we walk with Jesus to his crucifixation on Good Friday. Come and share His Last Supper 7:30PM on Maundy Thursday and Messy Good Friday 9:15 AM in the Hall.

Then the joyous Easter Day Service at 10:00am, where we light the Easter Fire to symbolise his resurrection, sing Alleluias in our flower filled church and perhaps enjoy a few Easter eggs, brown like the earth where he was  buried and hollow because the tomb is empty and his is alive!
If you haven’t had enough chocolate, come to our fund raising Easter Egg Hunt, and let your children run round 12 acres of chocolate filled woods – once they are in the woods they won’t even feel the rain!
Our Spring Fair is definitely on Saturday 12th May, please put it in your diaries.
To all those of you away, have a wonderful, restful time of renewal and love with your families.

God bless



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