Weekly Sheets

Weekly Sheet 8th July

Xandie’s Shout Out


Dear All

Weekly Sheet 8th July

This week is Super Sunday at 10:00am, so please remember there are no other services that day! As Camilla sadly can’t be with us as originally planned, Hazel will be doing Communion by extension, so please come and support her as she has put a lot of effort into this Family of St. Michael’s event. If you have not signed up to bring anything to the brunch, but would like to contribute, do feel free to bring something you know your children would like!


Lighthouse making sessions are the next 3 fridays (9.30-12o’c) at Hope church – I totally forgot to go last Friday but am leaving myself notes to remind me to go this Friday. Hope to see some of you there. Feel free to text me if I am not!! Just knowing what we will do (or what the your children are going to do!) is a great help.

Enjoy this glorious weather

God bless