Weekly Sheets

Weekly Sheet 15th July

Xandie’s Shout Out


Dear All

Weekly Sheet 15th July

You will see with great sadness that Camilla has decided to take early retirement after our Harvest and Patronal festival on Sept 30th. This must have been a very hard decision for her to make after 10 years ministry with us, in which she has done so much for St. Michael’s – building the CCRC, the AV system and the new chairs and most importantly her outreach to all of you, our young families, that have joined our congregation in that time.

We totally understand and support her decision and ask you to pray for her when she returns at the end of July for a few short weeks.

We also ask you to pray and support our churchwardens, Daphne and John, who will have the task of finding a new vicar for St. Michael’s.

Any help, support and prayers over the coming months would be so very gratefully appreciated by all of us that love and worship at St. Michael’s. An interregnum (the time between vicars!) can be an exciting time of spiritual growth, may that be part of Camilla’s legacy to us, that with the help of the Holy Spirit, all of us may grow in our faith.

This Sunday, we only have our 9.15am Praise service, which Peter and I are doing.  I do hope you will be able to come, though I am aware that St. Mary’s ball is the night before!

I have been asked if any of you can help with Space at Lighthouse. Space is the section for children with special needs and those who just need some quiet time out and a little reassuring and help with writing and colouring etc. It is not a difficult task! Please think if you can give some help.

God bless