Weekly Sheets

Weekly Sheet 26th August

Xandie’s Shout Out

Dear All

This Sunday is our Praise Service at 9.15, Hazel will be taking the service  and talking about the armour of God – if anybody has a Roman soldier plastic helmet, please let me know otherwise we will be using a red lumberjack one!

We will be having a continental style brunch after our Super Sunday  10am service 30th September. A sign up sheet will be going up in the church in the next week, so please see if you are able to bring anything. We would also be really grateful for volunteers to set up and decorate the hall (time to be confirmed but hopefully sat 29th  sometime) and to help in the kitchen and serving drinks and coffee  on the day. If you are willing and able to make Camilla’s last day a brilliant celebration, please let me, Joanna or the office know.

If you would would like to make a contribution towards a gift for Camilla, details are on the service sheet (click on the red writing that says “click and read weekly sheet”  not being patronising, but several of you don’t bother to!! you have admitted this sin to me!!)


Please keep all our young people who receive their GCSE results this week in your prayers. Also  congratulations to those whose A level results have secured their places at uni, and good luck to those going through clearing or making new plans for the year ahead. Keep praying and you will find God opens new doors and unexpected and exciting opportunities, even when you may initially  have been disappointed!

God bless


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