Weekly Sheets

Weekly Sheet 30th September

Xandie’s Shout Out


Weekly Sheet 30th September
Dear All
As I am sure you all know Sunday is the BIG day – St Michael’s Feast Day, Harvest Thanksgiving and Camilla’s last service with us, all at 10:00am followed by the brunch.
If you are bringing food for the brunch (we still need cold meats – (NOT ham) a couple of baguettes and danish pastries please!) can you drop it off at the hall before the service.
Harvest gifts For One Can – please can you place them on the steps round the altar when you arrive.

Camilla asks please can some strong souls help put out the 120 stacked chairs Saturday afternoon about 4ish. Zoe and Chris cannot do this by themselves (or at all)!!
We also need help setting up the tables in the Hall (same time 4pm Saturday!) Joanna’s grandson is poorly so we are not sure if she will be back by then, which again leaves only Zoe!
If several of you can spare half an hour, it won’t take long and I know you all want to make this a wonderful farewell for Camilla.
Lastly, I am still 5/6 swords short for the play, so please contact me asap if you can lend one. Perfect if you can get it to the church Friday 3:45pm for the 4:00pm o’clock practice, otherwise bring on the day or I have got to make some!!

I know you all join me in thanking Camilla (and Ken) for the last 10 years of wonderful service to St. Michael’s. Please pray for them and for St. Michael’s in the months ahead.
God bless

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