Weekly Sheets

Weekly Sheet 7th October

Dear All

Weekly Sheet 7th October

A massive thank you to all those St Michael’s Angels, who materialized to help set up the church and the Hall for last Sunday’s wonderful service. Brought food for the brunch and One Can.

Also those who put all the chairs away again, cleared up the hall and washed up, dried and put away. You were FAB and sooo appreciated.

Also the extraordinary amount of swords that were donated, and all the children that took part as angels and dragon, in the play and  St Mary’s Choir for  the singing.

You all contributed to what was a completely fantastic service of Thanksgiving and praise, not just for Harvest but for all that Camilla has given us in the last 10 years.

There were over 80 children there, testament to her work of outreach and mission in the local schools.


Now we must go forward, keeping her vision alive over the next few months,  by supporting our churchwardens, our services and our various groups.

Please volunteer where you can to help out. It spreads what will be a heavy load if left to a few – but which will be so rewarding if shared, as last Sunday’s jobs were!

But most importantly pray –  Pray that God will guide the right new vicar to us, so that St. Michael’s will be God’s light shining in our community.

This Sunday, we have our Early Birds service in the Hall at 9.15am. Gill is reading the story, please come and support her as we make the Walls of Jericho fall down!

God bless you




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