Weekly Sheets

Weekly Sheet 2nd December


Dear All

This Sunday is Advent Sunday (Advent means coming or arrival:- Jesus is coming!)
There is no Early Birds at 9.15, just Christingle at 4pm.
Please bring back your Candle money boxes (full of money!) and you will receive a Christingle, which will be lit in the darkened church, to remind us that Jesus, the Light of the world, is coming. If you haven’t got a Christingle box yet, please pick one up at the back of the church.
After the service we will walk round to the hall with our Christingles, for party tea. Please bring a plate of food (that your children like) to share. We will be providing sausages and mince pies.
We will also be selling tickets for our Hamper Raffle, to be drawn after the Carol Service on 16th Dec at 4pm.  £1 a ticket, the children’s hampers are 10p a ticket!
The following Sunday 9th Dec. is Messy Christmas at 4:00pm in the church, decorating our Christmas tree and making cards and decorations. Hazel will tell the Christmas story and it will be followed by a bring and share tea.
On Friday 14th Dec. Bulrushes joins with the NCT for our Christmas party, which starts at 9.30 in the Hall, we shall go into church to listen to the Christmas story with Hazel and sing. Father Christmas will be coming when we go back into the hall. We will be providing snacks, but it would be lovely if you could bring a plate of food to share and if your child has special dietary needs, please make sure you bring food that meets their requirements. Thank you.
God bless you