Weekly Sheets

Weekly Sheet 3rd February

Dear All
This Sunday is Early Birds in the Hall at 9.15 am. It is Candlemas, the end of the Season of Christmas and Epiphany, so the crib now goes away. Candlemas is when Jesus was taken as a baby to the temple and Simeon recognizes him as the Messiah and says that wonderful prayer, The Nunc Dimitis (still said at Evensong) – “Lord now let your servant depart in peace, for I have seen your Salvation.” Jesus is the light to everybody in the world.

Every 6 years, the Church of  England has to update the Electoral Roll. And it’s this year! So PLEASE collect a form from the back of the church (if you haven’t already got one) and fill it in as soon as poss. It is 1 form per individual not per family.
It is particularly important, while we have no vicar. It would be dreadful if the powers that be saw our numbers weren’t going up, so we didn’t warrant a full time vicar!!

I am hoping to have the Snowdrop Walk on Sunday 24th Feb, so please pencil it in your diaries.
God bless