Baptism is the way we join the Christian family and recognise that God is involved in our lives.

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Baptism at St Michael and All Angels church can be held on any day of the week. Generally it is on a Saturday or Sunday either within a church service or at another time suitable for your circumstance. We are delighted to baptise infants, children or adults – it does not matter about your age when you are baptised, but if you are too young to know what is going on, then parents and Godparents make certain promises on your behalf.

Baptism for your child

Parents will need to meet with the Vicar for Baptism preparation prior to the service when you can find out about the details of the service and make arrangements that are special to your needs including arranging the date.  The Godparents can be at this meeting or if this is not practical please ask them to download the service and contact our Vicar should they have any questions.

We encourage the whole family become involved on the day, for example siblings can participate by bringing up the candle, jug with water and the Baptism shell.

We also offer a Thanksgiving for the Birth of a Child should you prefer to have this soon after birth and before you have decided about a baptism service.

Application Form for Adult or children (click to download and print). 

Service Sheet – Baptism (click to download)

PLEASE NOTE: When filling out the Baptism Application Form, the chosen date will not be confirmed until you have met with the Vicar.

Adult Baptism

Please be in contact with our Vicar who will arrange a meeting to discuss this.