Church Finances

Giving to the Church

  1. By BACS ‘Beaconsfield PCC St Michael’s Account’ sort code 200206 account 10161519
  2. PayPal
  3. Standing Order / Direct Debit Giving bankers order for regular giving form

Please fill in Gift Aid Form if you can Giving gift aid declaration and regular giving notification form

Christian Giving – Who pays for our church?

The money you contribute through plate collections and standing orders is used for various needs of our church; communion wine, candles, lighting, heating, buildings insurance, staff salary costs are just a few examples. St Michael and All Angels Church need £395 per day to run.

A proportion of the money you give also goes to:

–     Three charities which St Michael’s supports directly.

–     Four charities through the Beaconsfield Church of England churches Team (St Michael & All Angels, St Mary & All Saints and St Thomas)

–     The Oxford Diocese in the form of The Parish Share. 

The Parish Share ensures we share resources around all of the parishes.

Many people assume the church has large cash reserves and income from land and investments but this is not so. One big cost is pensions for previous clergy whose life expectancy is now considerably longer than ever before.

Because the church now has to pay its own way in this Diocese, the Parish Share system ensures even the poorest parishes have the same amount of money to pay the priest.

Without your contributions, the Parish Share system could not work and some parishes might not be able to afford a priest and the living church could not continue in those areas where it is possibly most needed.

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