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News from Young Life in Beaconsfield

Latest Newsletter 2017 about youth work in the town! Sadly we are saying goodbye to Chloe.

We have teamed up in partnership with Young Life, a youth organisation that works across our town with young people. It runs the following groups.

Get Real
Monday evenings from 6.30pm – 8.30pm (term time) at Hope church, Baring Road.
Food, games and opportunity to hear about Jesus and what it means to have a faith in Him!
For more information please contact Chloe Mutton.

Filling Station band practice
Tuesday evenings every other week (term time) 7.30pm – 9.00pm at Hope church, Baring Road.
We are a group of Christians who get together and learn worship songs and enjoy practicing. We are always looking for new people to join us so if you are interested please contact Chloe Mutton.

WyldLife Club
Thursday evenings (term time) 6.01pm – 7.30pm at The Curzon Centre, Maxwell Road.
If you’re aged 11+ come and join us – group games, tuck shop, table tennis, pool, table football, indoor sport and maybe a thought for the day. For more information please contact Chloe Mutton.

Friday evenings from 5:30pm – 7:30pm at The Curzon Centre, Maxwell Road.
This club is aimed towards children who are between the ages of 6-11. Here we have all manner of games, including table football, pool, group games, table tennis and an Xbox One and Wii. We also have a tuck shop, so bring your pennies! For more information, please contact Mark Humphries.

For more information contact Chloe Mutton, Young Life Area Director.

Meet Chloe Mutton…
Chloe Mutton informal picYoung Life logo
“My name is Chloe Mutton and I am the Young Life worker in Beaconsfield. My role is to be Youth Worker for all the Churches in Beaconsfield with a large emphasis on outreach and building relationships with young people who don’t know about God. I am passionate about Community Development Work and this job really excites me as we have the opportunity to share who God is with so many young people and get alongside them wherever they are in their journey to faith. I am married to Sam who is also a Youth Worker and we enjoy walking, chatting and drinking lots of coffee! I am really looking forward to getting to know everyone and if you fancy a coffee or chat at any point please do get in touch.
Ring the Church of England parish office at 01494 676690.”

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